New site

Hi everyone,

Finally, I have a new site. For months I’ve been thinking about the idea of building a new one. I was searching for a new way of handling my semi-static content and I found a system I really like.

The content of the site is generated by jekyll and the site itself is hosted by github:

  • jekyll

    I like it. It is simple and light and has all the features I need for my site. It is well-designed and it is simple to use. Jekyll has a lightweight configuration and you can create a site within minutes.

  • github

    I really like the work done by the github folks and I really like git. I use it for all my project, I use it even at work (I say even because I work in Italy, you know). So the idea of pushing a commit on a git repository and having my changes published on my site immediately is something I find wonderful.

I like my new creation (especially considering my web design limits) and I hope it will help me to post more often.