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Luca Pette

Hi! My name is Luca Pette (He/Him) and I'm a polyglot developer (Java, Ruby, JavaScript, TypeScript, Go, Kotlin) available for hire.

Check out my Linkedin profile for a detailed overview of my work experience and education.

About me

Over the past two decades, I run engineering teams in a wide variety of contexts: corporations, family run businesses, early stage startups.

In each of these experiences, a recurring theme emerged: I built many teams and system from scratch.

This thought me when it's the right time to shift from fast prototyping to lean, sustainable product building.

Since I was always in a position of leadership in the past 15 years, I have experience building and running infrastructure, backend, data, frontend, and mobile systems.

As a programmer, I'm the most fluent solving infrastructure, data, and backend problems because that's where I spent most of my programming career.

While designing UI and UX is not my strong suit, I have lots of experience building JavaScript and TypeScript application. I'm also very fond of React.

What am I looking for?

Apart from some deal breakers, I can work on any problem.

I get the most excited when I can work on infrastructure (especially development infrastructure like testing pipelines, build tools) or streaming data platforms (I have lots of experience with Apache Kafka, its ecosystem, and streaming platforms in general).

I prefer working on one large, difficult problem at the time over many simple problems one after the other.

Solving one large problem at the time often leads to long-lasting mutually beneficial working relationship because it's where my technical and leadership skills converge.

I'm good at breaking down large problems into small, simple artifact. I can write design proposals for them and coordinate the work.

I tend to get bored after a few weeks if the problems I'm working on are all simple.

I can do that quite efficiently though because leading engineering teams made me pretty good at context switching.


As a freelancer, I've been hired in all kind of positions: ad-interim CTO, programmer, hiring manager, and so on.

That means no

Time commitment

I work around 32 hours per week.


While I enjoy working pretty much on any product, do not contact me for anything blockchain, and army related.

I also tend to say no to anything advertising related. I may want to make an exception if both of the following conditions are met:

  • the technological stack is highly relevant to me
  • the goal of the project you want to hire me for is performance related. Making systems use less resources is climate friendly